What It Takes to be a Club Sport Athlete at Rowan

17 Dec
Rowan University's Men Rugby Team (Photo Taken by Deanna Vallejo)

Rowan University’s Men Rugby Team
(Photo Taken by Deanna Vallejo)

People often wonder what the difference is between club sports and varsity sports in college.  Rowan University offers Varsity sports NCAA division 3 sport teams, club sports and intramural.  Intramural teams are made within the university where students get to play the sport of their choice with friends and compete against fellow classmates.  Varsity sports, such as Rowan’s Football and Baseball team, are sports that are funded by the school and a part of the school’s Division 3 NCAA.

This blog focuses on Rowan Rugby, a club sport team.  Rowan Rugby and Rowan Ice Hockey are a part of division 2 for club sports.  Rowan also offers a Division 3 Rowan ice hockey team, this allows all the prospective players a chance to get on the ice and play. Club sports are not governed under Rowan University‘s NCAA rules, therefore they are able to move to a tougher division within the club sports program.

Many people may think that club sports do not require as much determination and dedication as school funded sports through the NCAA.  In reality, these athletes practice and dedicate as much time as possible, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their studies.  Club sports have a very high competitive rate as they compete in leagues against other colleges.

“I played ice hockey in high school so I wanted to play in college as well.  I am very impressed with how professional and dedicated each of us are to the team,” said  JC Caulfield, captain of Rowan’s D2 Ice Hockey team.  “You would never think we were not a varsity sport from watching one of our practices.”

“Club sports are the perfect combination of competition and effort.  I met great men playing club sports at Rowan and also got to be a part of a very competitive team,” said David Collette, a 21 year old club sport Rugby player for Rowan University

Collette has been on the team since his freshman year. He has taken part in watching the team grow and accomplish many goals.

Although club sports may not be funded through the athletics program of Rowan University, there is no question that these students play like athletes.  They work very hard to make a reputation for the club sports program at Rowan University.  The rugby team finished the season undefeated and took home a championship.  Rowan’s Ice hockey team currently holds a record of 15-6.

“My favorite thing about being a part of a club sport at Rowan has to be how we are able to represent and play for our university just as much as any other sport on campus. Club sport or not, we still help to make a name for all the athletic programs at Rowan University,” said Collette.

“Playing ice hockey at Rowan University has made my experience here that much better.  Being on a club sport, taught me to appreciate my team and everyone I got the opportunity to meet,” said Caulfield.

Below you will find an audio slide show about Rowan University Club Sports.  Get insight from Marty Marcinkiewicz, Rowan Rugby Player and Pete MacDonald, Rowan Ice Hockey player. Enjoy!


See You In The Spring

15 Dec

Thank you to everyone for following my blog for the duration of my semester long assignment.  I plan on continuing to post about our Rowan Rugby team when their season starts up again this spring.  Until then, enjoy my favorite posts listed below!

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Camaraderie of Rugby Fans

7 Dec
Posing in their shades at the Rugby game!Photo Taken by: Ashley-Marie Monica

Posing in their shades at the Rugby game!
Photo Taken by: Ashley-Marie Monica

Rowan Rugby has its own personal fan club of ladies.  Deanna Vallejo, Leah Wernsing, Kelly scheurer and Megan kessig live next door to 5 of the players, Pete D’Amico, Anthony DeLuca, Lawrence Achey, Jeff and Kyle Carberry.  Their friendship has been ongoing for almost 2 years. The girls never miss a game, rain or shine.

“We make them cookies and brownies to surprise them after their games.  Throughout the season, we threw them parties at our house to celebrate their victories,” said Deanna Vallejo.

The friendship between these two houses proves the camaraderie of rugby sports.

“We even helped out by setting up and selling waters at the boy’s games,” said Megan Kessig.  The girls continue to support the boys as they prepare for the Spring 2013 season.

These ladies show true dedication for their university by the love and support they express to the whole rugby team!

Rowan Rugby Celebrates and Prepares for the Spring Season

1 Dec



Rowan Rugby at their Championship Game  Photo Taken By Deanna Vallejo


Rowan Rugby’s season has ended until next spring but the champion celebrations are still going on.  Coach Kurt told the men to take a few weeks off and prepare for finals and the spring semester ahead.  “We had a few championship dinners at one of the player’s houses.  We are all still amped up about our victory and we have been celebrating any chance we can get since,” said Glenn Desmond, captain of Rowan Rugby.  They still meet once a week to work out, condition and go over plays.  “At our socials, we get together eat dinner and watch game footage from the season to better prepare our selves for upcoming games. We use our time together wisely,” said Erick Cuellar, member of the Rowan Rugby team.

“We are going to play pick up 7 on 7 games to prepare for our 7’s tournament held by the South Jersey Rugby Club coming up over winter break,” said Desmond.  The men are keeping in shape and preparing for their tournaments.  They want their spring 2013 season to be just as victorious as the fall 2012.

In the mean time, the Rugby players support their fellow club sport teams by attending all their home games as the other teams did for them. “The hockey boys supported us throughout our undefeated season, so we continue to support them,” said Will Morgan.

The Boys go Undefeated and Bring Home Championship

26 Nov

Photo Taken by: Marie Desmond

 Family and Friends gathered at Kutztown University to cheer on Rowan Rugby to another victory.  The boys of the Rowan Rugby team brought home another Championship after defeating East Stroudsburg University on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

“It was a tough match.  They fought hard for most of the match, but after being put under relentless pressure we forced them to make mistakes. The score was close until the last ten minutes, where we scored three more tries after proving time and time again who the best team on the field was,” said Kyle Carberry, senior on Rowan. Tries were scored by Kris Raso (Freshman), Will Morgan (Senior), Harvey Singh (Sophomore), Jeff Hannon (Senior) and Mike Dorata (Senior).

Rowan Rugby finished the season undefeated with a #1 seed rank and entered the championship game undefeated.  Rowan previously defeated East Stroudsburg earlier in the season. To reach the championship, Rowan defeated Drexel 43-5 in the semifinals at home.

“We believed if we played our best game and execute everything we had been working on all season we would be champions,” said Erick Cuellar, Vice President of Rowan Rugby.

And that they did, they beat East Stroudsburg 37-12 to bring home to Rowan a championship trophy and an undefeated season.

This winning-streak rugby season is not over yet for Rowan University.

“With the championship win, we qualified for nationals in the spring.  Now ranked in the top 16 in the nation.  Also, we have our ireland tour over spring break,” said Glenn Desmond, Captain of Rowan Rugby, on the team’s outlook for the rest of the school year.

“This sets a bar for the future of the club.  Going back to back undefeated champions leaves high expectations for the younger members of the club.  We have eight starting seniors graduating this year, which is an enormous drop off.  All I could tell the returning players is, recruit, recruit, recruit.  We left the biggest of shoes to fill and I know the teams up for the challenge to continue this winning tradition,” said Desmond.

Rowan Rugby Prepares to Dominate Division 2 Championship Game

21 Nov

Rowan University Rugby practices and runs plays to prepare for its Division 2 championship game .  Rowan enters the game with an undefeated record to play East Stroudsburg University, a team they already beat earlier in the season.  Rain, snow, or 30 degree weather, Rowan Rugby is out on the field preparing for the next challenge they have ahead of them. This is Rowan Rugby’s first year in a Division 2 league, last year they were undefeated in Division 3.  Rowan Rugby keeps making it’s way up and dominating every division and league they enter

Insight from Senior Captain, Glenn Desmond, on the Crucial Upcoming Game

10 Nov

Glenn Desmond posing in his Rowan Rugby T-Shirt. Photo Taken By: Ashley-Marie Monica

Senior Captain, Glenn Desmond, comments on Rowan Rugby’s upcoming game against Drexel University. As Rowan continues its undefeated season they are heading into semi-finals.  Desmond was VP of Rowan Rugby’s 2011-2012 season and has been a starting player since his freshman year of college.  He took part in the turn around of the rugby program and has a big impact on the continuation of a successful and winning program.